Real Life Boogie Man Is Stalking The Internet And Preying On Children

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Social media is the most used tool on the internet. It's personally given me many things that I wouldn't have had otherwise, and I love it. But... Yeah, there's always a freakin but.

But, social media can be as dangerous as it is helpful or exciting. Pedos and other creepy creeps seemingly haunt every plattform known to man just to prey on young women and girls from all around the world. In most cases, when predators are caught doing unlawful acts, they get their butts thrown in prison. However, one man in Tennessee has been getting away with things like sexting minors and sending nude pics to teenage girls for years. He even allegedly got arrested and he's still doing it.

They call him (or rather he calls himself) "The Budday," but his real name is Buddy Haynes. Since 2017, word broke out that there was more to The Budday than just harmless internet interactions. At first, the evidence against him was pretty circumstantial; mostly people saying how weird it was that this grown man was talking to people so much younger than him, and that all of them were girls. But everything was done out in public and nothing overly inappropriate was going on, save for all the creepiness. But when one young girl came forward with her story of how The Budday sent her pictures of his private parts and begged her to do the same, several other teenage girls came out with similar stories. All of them are now living in fear that this Budday guy is going to just show up at their house one day, and you can imagine what would happen from there.

The Budday is preying on young girls everywhere, and nobody's doing anything about it.

These fears are rational, given all the evidence that's been put out there. One YouTube channel in particular, (InformOverload) posts videos on this topic every time there's an update. A more recent upload came when an underage girl calling herself Madi wrote to the channel, providing pictures and videos of everything he ever sent her. One such video contained her opening a private video he'd sent her on Snapchat of him licking his lips while laying in bed, along with screen shots of a pretty disgusting conversation. In short, the girl told him to leave her alone, and that she was underage, but told her that he didn't care and continued to send vulgar messages and nude pics anyway. She says she won't block him, because she (along with many others) want to gather enough evidence to see this man put away for good.

The Budday isn't just trying to find a young date, (yuck) he's also trying to steal your money. He has at least two GoFundMe accounts, and those are just the ones I've found. He claims that he needs help paying his car loan and that he's barely getting by. In total, he has raised over 4,000 dollars. But this is where I'm grateful for our mob-like mentality; users are warning people not to give any of their money to Buddy, because, well, he's a pedophile.

Even though there's strong evidence being put out, little has been done about the situation. Apparently, he got arrested for driving all slow and creepy in a school zone one night, but was let go later on. Investigators say they don't have enough evidence to prosecute him.

The only thing that happened, and thank God it did happen, is that he was fired from his job as a substitute teacher. Yeah, you read that right, this weirdo was alone in a classroom with kids. I guess that's what the GoFundMe accounts are all about... He was also banned from the app that started it all; Tik Tok.

If you look up The Budday on Tik Tok, you'll see a disturbing amount of fan made accounts in support of the former user. He also has fanart, and a loyal following on Instagram where fans are encouraging him to create a new Tik Tok account.

How is it, that in 2019, people like The Budday are allowed to haunt the halls of the internet? He's become like a real life boogie man, one that parents are warning their children to stay away from. And if you're not careful, The Budday could come for you too.

It's all really disturbing and gross. This 27 year old man, (who actually looks more like 40) is licking his lips and begging for nudes from underage girls. This is a problem, and investigators really need to be keeping tabs on this guy, because creepers only get creepier.

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