Police Get Involved After Creepy Michael Jackson Meme Haunts The Internet

Post Momo Challenge, creepy memes are becoming the new "scary story around the campfire". Now, instead of just playing along or laughing at the ridiculousness of some of these memes, Mexican police are putting in their two cents, as apparently some meme viewers can't differentiate the difference between an internet hoax and reality.

According to internet legend, if you see this unsettling meme of Michael Jackson, it will find you at your house and murder you (all while shouting the classic MJ phrase "hee hee!") I can tell you right now, no kids, this weird sculpture isn't gonna just show up at your door. That's what Freddy does.

The Mexican Police had this to say after its popularity spread:

"Although a lot of people believe this is a kind of demon or ghost from the Internet, there is nothing supernatural in this matter. The kids and teenagers are looking to share it and believe in it because it is trendy, which could generate sleep issues, panic or anxiety."

Maybe staying away from the horror community before falling asleep would be a wise decision, just saying. Maybe listen to some water falls or calming nature sounds instead.

This meme came after the nearly apocalyptic spread of the Momo challenge online, and the recent documentary of the former king of pop titled "Leaving Neverland" which exposes Jackson's dark and disturbing accusations. Honestly though, looking at this meme for too long is enough to freak anyone out, so maybe now might be a good time to watch a light-hearted video about kittens and puppies.

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