Officer Says he wants to "Bust Up" 10-year-old Inside Home; UPDATE

Lewisburg, Tennessee Police Officer, Christopher Stallings, better known to locals as "Officer Cornbread," continues to thrive in law enforcement, even in the aftermath of a tragedy that's only now come to light. News Channel 5 covered the events, but here, we have an in-depth detail of what happened, along with the mental ramifications that came after. And now that the story is being aired, there have been reports of harassment to the parents of the child who was threatened by Stallings in April. The harassment is reported to be coming from the police officers in Stalling's former department.

In April 2020, police were called to the apartment of Marlena and David Stacey due to a domestic dispute involving their 10-year-old daughter. I interviewed the family and would like you to read their account of what happened that night.

"I was in the kitchen cooking, our daughter got angry and it got worse than it's ever gotten. I thought, maybe she needs to talk to someone, like someone in higher authority because you (the daughter) can't do this. I called them and I asked them to please come out and talk to her. That's all we asked for, we thought maybe it would help her. Well, they come out here, and officer Stallings already looked like he had a bad day like he was angry about something, and he just took his anger out on her. This wasn't what we wanted, we just wanted someone to deescalate things, not someone who'd threaten to bash her head open. Our daughter cried for help but we couldn't do anything, there were a lot of cops there. All inside the home. My daughter cried and told Stallings she'd give me a hug and a kiss and tell me she was sorry, but he said 'it's too late for that. If you were my child, I'd bust you up.' This child deserves justice. This needs to be out there, that way, he can't do it to another kid. Not three weeks later, he killed a man and he don't get nothing but a slap on the wrist. Just a two-day suspension. She didn't need to be treated like that. He handcuffed her and everything"

In May of 2020, Stallings, along with a few other officers, pinned an inmate to the ground, holding him there until his death. His name was William Jennette, and the crime (of which according to Stallings, deserved death) was refusing to get in the restraint chair as he was detoxing from heavy drug use. Stalling's defense attorney claims the use was lawful under these circumstances, while body cam footage tells a different story. Even after Jennette complied, force remained in use. Another officer is heard in the bodycam footage, reported by News Channel 5 saying "Easy, easy remember asphyxiation guys, that's why I'm not on his lungs to let him breathe." But the other officer's ignored the warnings.

The interesting thing to note here (that isn't being reported) is that it wasn't just Officer Stalling's at the Stacey's apartment that night. As many as three other officers were called to the apartment, The Stacey's noted. Several officers were present during each attack, and they did nothing to stop him. Marlena continues with the aftermath of the incident:

"It was very sad. She suffers from PTSD. She started locking herself up in her room, she shaved her head, she wouldn't come out and speak to people, and anytime she heard a knock on the door she would run. She didn't know if it was the officers coming to get her or anything, she just didn't know. She threatened to kill herself at school, said she didn't feel like she had any place in this world. For that to happen to a 10-year-old is just not right. We need justice for this baby. No matter how bad a kid is, they don't deserve this. She does not deserve to be handcuffed, thrown on the couch, and treated like she was treated. Anyone out there that hears this, please come forward and help us get justice in this county because if not, it's just gonna keep happening, and people are gonna keep dying."

This isn't the first time Stalling's visited the Stacey residence, Marlena revealed that Stalling's had started coming over at the request of the apartment manager for poor living conditions, though evidently, the complex is being looked into for its refusal to fix things such as broken air units and water heaters. Marlena said:

"The manager, Lorrie, heard the kids hollering, thought they were fighting and called the law. He (Stallings) sat down and talked to the kids the first time, and he was really nice with them. Calm. And then he kept coming over and checking on the kids. It got to the point where he thought he had authority in our home. He wouldn't talk to David, just me and the kids. He'd keep checking in and asking if the kid's rooms were clean, saying he'd be back in a week to make sure they made their beds. Then, when I called and said I needed someone to talk to my daughter and calm her down that's when he came over and threatened her and had her on the couch, holding her down."

The Staceys expressed the belief that there is corruption in the police department. A year after the incident, all three of the Stacey's kids were taken from the home. Marlena quotes the reason for this being, "They said I was mentally unstable. I called the law and reported abuse. I called the law and asked them to come and talk to us." She continues

"Now that they've (the cops) found out it's been aired, my husband is being harassed. A cop got behind him and flashed his lights and then two more got behind him. They had all their lights on. My husband pulled over. They literally went around him, rolled their windows down, pointed their fingers at him, and mean mugged him."

When it comes to her children they both say they are doing everything to get their kids back. Marlena is grateful, though, for her daughter's foster mom Amber, who has been helping the child recover from the trauma and giving her the help she needs. Malena added that Amber keeps her up to date with everything that goes on, and says the 10-year-old is still struggling but is doing better. The apartment building where they reside is currently under investigation for its own shady dealings; refusing to fix necessities such as water and air. This also contributed to the removal of their children from the home.

Officer Stallings has since resigned from his former department, only to be hired by the Mt. Pleasant Police Department. The chief praised Stalling's and called him their "top applicant" in a memo recommending that Stallings be hired.

Officer Stallings has since resigned from his former department, only to be hired by the Mt. Pleasant Police Department. The chief praised Stalling's and called him their "top applicant" in a memo recommending that Stallings be hired.

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