No Name The Dark Web Serial Killer Episode 13: Time to Die

*A bell chimes, growing louder and louder.*

John Reed: Listen! What great symbolism this is; It’s time for the darkness in No Name to die. It’s time for him to discover his true potential. I wanted to pursue him earlier, but he wasn't ready. Now he questions the reality of everything around him, and the truth may be well received.

Tracy: Or everyone will end up being killed by Dickens...

John Reed: Not necessarily. But a human’s life is not ours to decide. We are only mortals, here to bring peace where we can, and truth where we must. Tracy, it wasn't just the law that was on our side when the courts allowed us to take you in; it was the will of the Lord our God! What more could it have been?

Tracy: I guess God just makes the most sense right now. And I used to dark. But pieces of that are gone since you showed me a different way and now there’s a little bit of hope. I’m not angry anymore, I just want all this to stop. Humanity can be evil. And if there is no God holding us together, we’re all gonna die and that's it. No heaven, no nothing. Just mad and gone, never having found peace. I have to believe there’s better than that.

John: We can all have peace if we want it. But Dickens is not peace; he is death and enslavement and chaos. He binds No Name and keeps him from his true purpose. Dickens is not the only one who understands what possibilities the future holds! Hmmm..imagine the shock it will bring our murderous friend when he realizes he can do so much better than this.

Tracy: I don’t know, Mr. Reed. Like you said, No Name’s gotta choose this path on his own, we can’t force him or it won’t be legit. He’s sick. I saw him that night; acting excited at the chance to kill those things pretending to be my family and that’s when he thought they were people! I took that away from him, and I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. But he loved it. Can someone like that really be redeemed? Can he do better?

John: I truly believe that once he sees he can be free, he’ll choose it.

Tracy: We’ll see. But for now, he’s-

Scene Change:

Dickens: No Name-The Dark Web Serial Killer. Murdering the wicked, only on the Annihilation Chamber.

No Name: *Sharpening his sword* I don’t like it. This ad sounds... cliche, Dickens, let me do it. The fans say they love my voice.

Dickens: Silence! The people who roam the dark web know my name. I AM THEIR KING. I did greater things than you will ever do. You have no name because you belong to me. Are you ready?

No Name: I am. * three-second beeping countdown* Good evening, Dwellers of the dark web! Welcome to the Annihilation chamber! Tonight's guest is the lovely Claudia. She poisoned not one, not two, ah let's just get to the point. She killed all nine of her husbands with...THIS! Now, my friends, can you guess what this is? Oh look! Right off the bat, we have a comment from username “u2robin?” and yes! This is cyanide! Send us your address in the PMs and we’ll send you a free t-shirt. This is so much fun! I like games, do you like games, Claudia? You play them, everyone’s seen it. And you get away with murder because you have a seat on the city council...You know, people have been asking us to let the victims talk more. And I really should oblige, I mean, think about it. Your donations and support are what keeps us alive! So I will, but not tonight. You should have seen the struggle it was to get her here, the fool wouldn't shut her mouth about who she was, who she knows, and how she’ll get me caught. I laughed, of course. I know the most powerful man in the world. I’ve really been needing a hobby outside of killing people so I gave sewing a try. Turns out, I’m pretty good. Take a look! I ran out of red thread, so I finished sewing Claudia's mouth shut with some leftover black thread. I’m rambling, aren't I? On with the show!

(Noise of No Name unsheathing his sword, making cuts and slashes all over her body, and the victim whines loudly)

No Name: Oh stop it! Just enjoy the ride, it will be the last thing you ever do. Ya know what? I’m feeling generous. I’ll cut the thread. Give the people what they want *He cuts it. She cried in pain* SPEAK THEN! AND IF I HEAR ONE WORD ABOUT HOW YOU’RE INNOCENT AND DON’T DESERVE THIS I WILL PROLONG YOUR DEATH. I AM SICK AND TIRED OF YOU PEOPLE TRYING TO LIE YOUR WAY OUT OF THE INEVITABLE.

Claudia: (a raspy voice) They all deserved it, you bastard. And I’d do it again. And I can. I can kill bad people and get away with it. Just like you.

No Name:*laughs* Lucky for me, you won’t have to. *one final slash to the throat. As nasty a sound effect as possible with blood dripping, and she’s dead.*

*Thunder starts to roll in*

No Name: Well that does it for tonight's program! Watch us live again next time, and remember, if you don’t do bad things, I probably won’t have to kill you.

*Thunder gets louder*

Dickens: Well done. I know she wasn’t your easiest capture but she was worth the wait. The city of Clarksville will be better off without her. Now rest. Believe it or not, there are even more rats in this city that need to be dealt with. *Hangs up*

*Thunder gets even louder. A voice tries coming through Dickens' system, but it's light and distorted. John Reed is trying to say “You’re not as broken as you think you are, we can help you. Dickens will destroy the world!” but all that can be heard is “Broken. We can help. Dickens will destroy.”

No Name: What? What is this?

*Thunder intensifies. A voice tries coming through Dickens' system again, and it’s louder but still pretty distorted. Only one phrase can be made out*

John Reed, hacking into Dickens system: No Name, listen to me. There’s a way out! There’s so much more you don’t know. We can show you, just stop-

*broadcast gets interrupted*

Dickens: NO NAME! *thunder rolls loudly and lightning strikes* The storm has interfered with my means of communication. Did. You. Hear anything. Other than my voice just now? And do not lie to me.

No Name: *shaken and confused but trying to sound confident* No. I only hear your voice, Dickens.

Dickens: *Scoffs* Stay in your room. You will be fine and I will protect you.

Dickens: *in a darker, deeper tone than normal* I always keep safe the things that belong to me.

Transmission(distorted and creepy sounding as always)- John Reed: Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin. But Alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Synopsis: Months after Tammy and Sadie were killed and revealed not to be human, but a product of the future called "Icons" No Name has tapped into a darker side of himself, while Tracy has begun to heal and find peace under the guidance of John Reed, her new guardian. John Reed takes No Name's new revelation that not all is as it seems as an opportunity to make good on a promise he made in Episode 7. Under His Eye; to pursue the dark web serial killer, show him a better way of life, and reveal to him all the secrets Dicken has been hiding.


Creator and Writer: Ali Top

Co-Writer/producer: Chris Top

Artwork: Amanda Dudley

No Name: Chris Top

Dickens: Chris Top

John Reed: Chris Top

Tracy Paige: Ali Top

Claudia: Ali Top