Music City Monsters

Music City has it's share of monsters. The great news is #independentartists don't need holy water, silver bullets, or a good double tap to finish them off. These shady characters only seem to come out for a few days out of the year. #CMAFest evidently creates the perfect environment for these blood suckers to swarm in, snap a finger and end dreams like Freddy Krueger. I recently reached out to several friends of The to shed some light on the whole pay for play epidemic. Turns out the whole epidemic is more like a four day head cold. I was under the impression certain venues were charging musicians to fork over cash to sing a couple of songs. In reality it isn't the venue at all, ( I'm sure they exist but it's rare) it's the shady dude who rents out the venue for a showcase or event. Allison Steel of 2Steel Girls said this, “People doing the booking promise great exposure and that many music industry people will be downtown.” Allison went on to say, “We all know the big name music industry folks do not go downtown during those times.” Not one of the 16 artists I asked have ever been charged to play at a venue in #Nashville. Several of them did mention how they have heard about questionable practices like what Allison spoke about. Any serious artist who comes to #MusicCity understands money will have to be spent and large investments of time will have to be made. Unfortunately the dream of fame and success does not come cheap. We all have to make a living. Asking artists for money and feeding them with false hope is not what Nashville stands for. This city has the greatest musicians in the world. Hard working, sweating, and sacrificing just like they did from day one. Nobody becomes a success overnight by slipping Slim Shady a few hundos to headline his showcase....never. Nashville is full of great venues! Here is a list of a few my 16 friends mentioned. If you have any to add please drop your choices in the comments. Has a venue ever tried to charge you to play? Douglas Corner



Ole Red

3rd & Lindsley

The Listening Room

BB Kings


Rock Bottom Brewery


Rippys Belcourt Taps


The Local


Union Station

Alley Taps

The Stage

Layla's Tin Roof

Opry Mills

Bobby's Idle Hour

Millenium Maxwell House

The Nashville Palace

Bridge Bar

Blue Moon Waterfront Grill

Just Love Coffee

Tin Roof Demonbreun

Live Oak

The Crying Wolf


Live 404 Bar and Grill Union station also has a great showcase hosted by Craig Wilson on June 6th. You can email Craig for info at Like The Chris Top Program on Facebook to learn more about the annual #WOBAawards event. We charge artists $000,000.00 for participating each year :) Come #WOBA with us and Magnolia Emporium.

Chris Top

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