THE Question

Serious artists should ask THE question without hesitation. Musicians who make a stop on The Chris Top Program always get the advice question, “what would you say to a kid wanting to get into the industry?” It’s a great question because most of our guests have been around the block a couple of times and have been burned. That’s how we learn. It’s how we get better. Any artist singing in Nashville wants to get better, right? I don’t think so. Even in Nashville talents, near misses, and why did you waste your times show up around every corner. Some guys believe showing up in a cowboy hat and boots will make them sound better? I’ve seen plenty of women make appearances on the way to a Sports Illustrated swimsuit photo shoot. Wearing a trucker hat or showing off a tramp stamp never got anyone a better voice or made them a lyrical mastermind. Sometimes people show up to sing in public because it’s fun or they enjoy it. That’s terrific! I’d never tell you to stop, even if you suck more than a Hoover. Here’s the deal though, NEVER ask THE question. What is THE question? Here it is... What did you hate about my performance? What did you hate about my song? I don’t care how seasoned you are nothing is perfect. If you want to make it in the industry always ask THE question. If you are afraid to ask maybe it’s time to go home. #WOBA

#TCTP returns next month! Keep an eye out for new guests and old favorites! We could never do what we do without our friends at Magnolia Emporium.

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