120 Pounds

When I wasn’t daydreaming about how cool I was around girls I was desperately trying to get past my latest awkward encounter with one. I was the opposite of Casanova and it’s a good thing I never let that define me. I wasn’t exactly a popular guy and I was not the unpopular guy either. I’ve spent most of my life caught somewhere in between. Between isn’t a bad place at all. Several years later I embraced being a dork but in 1987 it was not a badge of honor. I was a proud member of our speech and drama club. This kept my in between safe zone pretty solid. I was seen by enough people to remain known but I never received the notoriety our quarterback may have gotten. This year I had plans to take my after dinner speech all the way to state and kick everyone’s ass. I’d spent hours practicing in front of the mirror. I had the hand gestures down, my expressions were on point, my content was perfect, and my delivery was unbeatable. My investment and hard work would pay off in a giant way and make me a winner. The local level competition came and went. I took home the first place trophy and a guaranteed spot at state level. Before I made the road trip to state I constantly reminded myself to stay grounded, never get over confident, and continue to practice everyday...and I did. I can’t remember exactly how the judging worked. Things can get a little cloudy after 30 years. I believe I had to get a four star rating or higher in all three rounds to make finals. The first round blew by and I had my first four stars. By the end of round two I’d collected another four stars. One more round and I would be finals bound. This time I managed to get a single star. It was over. My after dinner speech may have been a disappointment to one judge but I did take something home that day. Then and there I learned I don’t always get what I want. I realized I could admire myself for trying as hard as I could. I could be my hero and fight until the end. My heart was full regardless of the loss because I saw this through as far as I could take it. That was a good year. Last year my hero begged me to once again pull up my big boy britches and take action...I did. This time around I’m not entirely sure what it will look like to win but I can honestly say I am doing my best. My latest battle has been full of success and regress but I hope to eventually move from in between to lean. This dork is happy this #WeighInWednesday because I’ve managed to loose 120 pounds since February of 2018. Working On Being Awesome is a terrific place to be. #WOBA The #lifechangers who have never let me down on my quest of health are Riverside Spine & Physical Medicine, AfterShokz, SweetLeaf Stevia, and Fitbit.

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