Kentucky Derby Fans Vow To Never Watch Horse Racing Again

The 145th Kentucky Derby happened yesterday, but fans are still up in arms over how it ended.

It was the home stretch; I was standing up shouting like a maniac hoping that my cries would be heard by Improbable, my pick to win this year's race. The more I cheered for number 5, the further back he went into the pack. I didn't really understand why at the time; I just wanted one of Bob Baffert's horses to win.

Crossing the finish line, it was Maximum Security for the win... or so we all thought.

I figured, hey the race is over now, I can go get the mail. Nope. I sat my butt right back down because of the words that flashed across the screen. There had been an objection.

Objections happen a lot in the world of horse racing, but in my experience, nothing ever came of it as the whistle was usually blown by a sore loser looking to find any way possible to win that blanket of roses. I sat there waiting for them to say "lol Maximum Security crossed the finish line first, he won." But then 5 minutes went by, and then 10, and then 15, before the shocking announcement was made; Maximum Security was disqualified, and second place Country House was bumped up to first place and declared the official winner of the Kentucky Derby.

My mouth must have been open for a good 20 minutes afterwards, watching in shock as the audience booed the newly declared winners during their awkward trophy ceremony. I took to Facebook to see what fans were saying, and it was pretty ugly. One woman stated the following in the comments:

You can crown whoever you want for politics and BS. But, we still watched a $16,000 horse that nobody wanted smoke your $2 million investments like they were standing still at the gate. That horse will NEVER be a triple crown. Enjoy your stolen glory. #MaximumSecurityWINS

Another woman said:

Worst ruling on a horse race! How incredibly crooked. Maximum Security was the winner and did not impede on Country House. Check the pockets of the stewards to see how much money they walked away with today. Disgusting.

Many others vowed that they would never watch the Kentucky Derby, or any other horse race ever again. To be honest though, a lot of those same people are probably still going to tune into the Preakness when it airs in two weeks.

What Maximum Security did when he swerved into the middle like that was technically against the rules, and he could have injured a lot of horses and jockeys who were packed together in a group of 5 or so. The problem with most race fans is the fact that they just bumped everybody up a place, and Country House was nowhere near any of the horses effected. Fans want the horses impacted by Maximum Security's decision to cut the others off to get their chance to speak and maybe have one of them claim the victory, verses the horse and jockey that had nothing to do with any of it. Other's are simply demanding justice for Maximum Security, as he crossed the finish line first and was a crowd favorite.

Lots of angry gamblers out there.

What do you think? Did Maximum Security get the raw end of the race? Did Country House deserve that victory? Should the other trainers/owners/jockey's have their turn to weigh in on what happened? Let me know in the comments below.

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