I’m No Inspiration

I’m constantly told I’ve inspired a lot of people. For one reason or another this is difficult for me to hear. Maybe it’s because I know me better than anyone else.

I have lost over a hundred pounds but all I managed was to keep a promise to myself. I’d never get on social media and brag about all of the broken promises. The thousands of times I’ve fallen short and let myself down is a bigger testimony of who I am.

The failures are important though. Each failure makes my victory more precious. It proves I am a work in progress but I always have hope.

I promised I’d become my own hero and I am doing just that.

If anyone reading this is looking for a hero, an inspiration, or a role model...please start by looking in the mirror. #WOBA

Riverside Spine & Physical Medicine, AfterShokz, SweetLeaf Stevia, and Fitbit all help me when it comes to Working On Being Awesome. #ShokzSquad #Stevia #fitbit

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