How To Be A Writer: Just Freakin' Write, Bro.

I’ve come across three different types of writers on social media, namely Twitter. The, “I get paid to write” type, the “this is my hobby and I’m cool with that for now” type, and last but certainly not least, the “I’m not actually a writer, but I claim to be one because I want to mix with that crowd“ type. 

You don’t want to be that last type. 

 Just because you want to be a writer, doesn’t make you one. You have to actually, I don’t know, write, I guess. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? If cooks cook, and thieves steal, don’t writers write? 

 Whether you‘re turning on your computer or opening up a brand new notepad, penning down those words that have been swimming around in your brain and then offering those thoughts out to the world is what makes you a writer. 

 You being a good or bad writer is up for debate, and most of the time just a matter of preference, but that’s a whole other can of worms for another day. 

 If you want to be a writer more than anything in the world, and it’s a dream you dream both awake and asleep, then in the words of the great Shia Labeouf, just do it. As you fall in love with the imaginary characters that are as real to you as the coffee in your hand, don’t forget the reason for your passion; even as the butt turds start approaching. You know, even when those “you’re not good enough yet,” “stop writing,” or “U suck bruh,” types of reviews start pouring in, and they will. Don’t let inexperienced people who hate your work determine your worth as a writer. Take constructive criticism, helpful feedback, and move on. Constantly look for ways you can improve your writing and tell your haters to go suck a butt. 

 Actually, don’t do that. Don’t feed the trolls. 

Writing, like any passion, will never get off the ground if you don’t put in the work. Don’t be the “I Tweet, so I’m a writer,” person, be the person who says “I’m growing in my skills as a writer everyday, because I practice, listen to the right people, and never give up. I write because I love it.” 

 Your next great piece is waiting on you. Write it. 

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