Gothic YouTube Star Eugenia Cooney Is Finally Getting Help

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Over the years, Eugenia Cooney has been the face of goths and geeks all over the internet. Young people adore her for her happy go lucky attitude and love for all things spooky, but there's always been an underlining question that for years the YouTube star refused to answer; are you okay?

Eugenia Cooney has always (at least since her first YouTube appearance) been skinny, and at first, it wasn't a big thing. Like, okay, she's small, so what? But with each video, more and more people began telling her that she looked a lot like Jack Skellington, the main protagonist from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Of course, being a huge fan, she thrived on what she believed were compliments and gradually began to get skinnier with each passing season.

During the period of 2016-2018, people started flooding the comment sections of her videos telling her that she was too skinny, and that she needed to seek help. A few trolls at that time also tried to taunt Conney by calling her fat. She opted not to respond in the very beginning, but stated later on during a live video that those people were just "haters saying mean things" and that she wasn't anorexic; she was just a girl who couldn't gain weight and suffered from a high metabolism. Once, on another live video, a fan even asked, "will you have a sandwich with me?" to which Eugenia hesitated before agreeing to the arrangement should they ever meet in real life.

In late 2018, the YouTube celebrity wore more loose fitting and modest styled clothing, which was completely out of the norm for her. Comments about her being anorexic seemed to cease until this video was released by her two weeks ago. The vlog titled "Kingdom Hearts Kairi Cosplay Transformation and Makeup Tutorial!" showed Eugenia in the worst state she has ever been in. Hardly any skin left on her bones, she goes through the video as if nothing serious was going on behind the scenes. Fans of Cooney, myself included, were saddened to see such a decline in her health. Many concerned fans and YouTubers sent positive messages, encouraging her to get help and be more open and honest with her fans about the whole thing, saying things like, "it will be a beautiful come back story for all the young girls who look up to you."

Cooney hasn't posted a video since then, and rumors began to spread that Eugenia had lost her battle with anorexia. She put those rumors to bed, however, and took to Twitter to finally address the situation:

"Hi guys! I appreciate the concern. I’m taking a break from social media and voluntarily working on this with my doctor privately. Please respect that."

Since the tweet was published, fans and vloggers alike have sent messages explaining their love and support for Eugenia, and wishes her all the best on her journey.

Though some had viewed her as a lost cause, Eugenia's brave decision to finally get help shows us that it's never too late to overcome your obstacles. We at The Chris Top Program wish Eugenia all the best, and hope that her path to working on being awesome leads to many other powerful testimonies to come of people who overcame their demons after being inspired to do so by someone everyone said would never get better.

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