Creepy Urban Legend "Momo" Could Actually Be A Child Predator

If you haven't heard by now, the internet urban legend known as Momo has been spreading like wildfire past its former confinements to YouTube and the dark web. Utopian social media platforms such as Facebook has users sharing disturbing articles of alleged suicides committed by children who participate in the Momo challenge, and it has people asking "what the actual hell is the Momo challenge?"

The Momo challenge, or the Momo game, as some call it, originated when YouTubers found several different numbers linked to a paranormal phenomenon known as Momo and were challenged to contact the creepy looking bird woman via Whatsapp. As a side note, the creepy looking bird woman you're seeing in all these posts is actually just a sculpture displayed in Japan that houses all things bizarre and interesting. In no way does an actual paranormal monster named Momo exist, at least, that's what we're lead to believe...

Once these unlucky victims contact one of the many Momo numbers floating around on the internet, a person identifying as Momo will reply almost immediately, and dare users to do things like turn the oven on or watch a scary movie. After users comply, there's always another dare to complete; with each one being wore than the last.

Apparently, Momo sends users blackmail, proving that they have been doxxed while proceeding to threaten the leakage of each users personal information should they refuse to except any dares. In some cases, it's been said that Momo will come after you and kill your entire family should you ever wish to back out of the game.

If that sounds crazy, it gets worse. YouTuber and paranormal enthusiast Jessii Vee posted saying that there isn't just one magical number for Momo, there's hundreds if not more. All of which aren't spooky monsters hiding under your bed, but random strangers on the internet looking to, at the very least, troll people. At worst, there have been reports that Momo sends disturbing and sexually explicit content to young viewers who just thought they were playing along with a creepypasta game.

While some have went as far as to say they're never letting their kids use YouTube again, (Momo messages are said to be hidden in children's cartoons, but that's yet to be confirmed) most parents are getting a wake up call regarding better monitoring their kid's activity online. Until police further investigate the trending urban legend turned reality, no one can really say what goes on behind the screen. What we do know is, it's important to make sure our kids are staying safe as they travel the world wide web.

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