Country Music Haters Have BS Reasons For Disliking The Genre

The genre of country music used to be more of a simpler term than it is today. Songs of the past often only included that yee haw, lets drink beer and accept life as awful, sort of attitude. Oh, and a lot of twang. But these days, many artists have included more diverse topics as well as expanding on older ones; like going through the grieving process, getting epic revenge on their ex's, forgiving their ex's, getting out of that tear in your beer mind set, and social stances like supporting women's rights and the LGBTQ+ community.

People who dis country music in today's day and age approach the argument with either "But this stuff is too modern and pop sounding, I want George Straight," or they just haven't listened to country music in ten years and think everything is still the same as it was when they were kids and forced to listen to it non stop. But the thing is, the genre as a whole really has changed, and is probably one of the more open minded genres out there.

Check out Kacey Musgraves who sings about self love and supporting people who think differently than you, or Lil Nas X singing Old Town Road featuring Billy Ray Cyrus, who freaking raps in the song. You can't tell me that once you hear it for the first time, you don't go back and listen to it over and over again. Also, lets talk about Tegan Marie for a second. This young teenager drew inspiration from country singers both modern and old school and is making an amazing climb to the top. Her story of having a dream all her life and then achieving it at such a young age should be enough for you to say "hey yeah, I'll give country music a try." These artists have very inspirational stories.

Indie country artists are also blending in their own styles to fit in with the genre; folk, bluegrass, pop, rock, and even some jazz. So when you have this many different sounds all mixed together in one group, I think it's pretty safe to say that there's no way you actually hate ALL of country music, you just haven't given it a real listen to yet. So here you go, try these. You're welcome.

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