Luckily I got my life back last year...

Taking a glimpse into the future can be uncomfortable and downright scary. I don’t have a crystal ball or a time machine but I do have a therapist. A couple of weeks ago she asked me if I could see myself doing the exact same thing in twenty years. My epiphany? I couldn’t believe I had never genuinely asked myself that question. I’ve spent my entire life settling for the small moments of temporary joy without any focus on the big picture. I’m sure that mindset was a big reason my health had spun out of control. Instead of living healthy and focusing on the best version of me I’d grab a Mountain Dew and a bag of Doritos and bask in the fleeting bliss. Luckily I got my life back last year and future me is closer to reality than ever. The closer I get to a 120 pound weight loss I understand I can apply the 20 year question to many different areas of my life. This will be a fantastic year with a giant change or two. It’s almost like I’m planning a vacation. Finding future me is about more than looking good in a suit. It’s about becoming the person I had forgotten I wanted to be in the first place. A big thanks to my therapist for helping me realize I have a choice (and for telling me I’m not crazy) and my next 20 years will be my best. #WeighInWednesday is close enough. I’ve maintained this week. That’s good enough...for now. Aside from my therapist the #lifechangers who have helped me along the way are Riverside Spine & Physical Medicine, AfterShokz, SweetLeaf Stevia, and Fitbit. #WOBA


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