Because Of Jussie Smollett Victims Of Actual Racist Attacks Will Not Be Believed

In the aftermath of what Empire star Jussie Smollett swore up and down to be totally legit, and that doubters should even be dubbed as '"racist", questions are now being raised as to how this hoax will effect actual victims in years to come.

Officers were dispatched to investigate what on the surface was a brutal racist, homophobic attack on Smollett the morning of Jan. 29. During the attack, he claimed two men threw a rope around his neck, to symbolize a noose. Just like everyone else, I was shocked to read that in 2019, the world was still being subjected to such high levels of violence and racism. It was almost too horrible to be true, I thought, but he stuck to his guns, and what reason had he to lie?

The reason, it seems, is publicity. He wanted the spotlight to shine away from other actors of Empire and to instead focus on him (while the topic was trending) but police had found an overwhelming amount of evidence to prove that the whole brutal event was staged, which you can read about in detail on USA Today.

So now what? What if something like this were to actually happen to somebody? If they came forward, would anybody believe them? Jussie Smollett did every potential victim a disservice by crying wolf, because now, everybody will subconsciously be thinking "but did it really happen though?" We shouldn't be thinking that, but because of Smollett and his desperate cries for attention, actual victims are now less likely to be heard by the general public. This is a problem.

What Jussie's next move needs to be is a genuine apology for making this whole thing up, as well as explaining why he made it all up in the first place. He needs to set the record straight and tell everybody that basically, 911 is for emergencies only. If he doesn't step up and try to prevent the public from doubting survivors in the future, it's very possible that every victims pleas will fall on deaf ears.

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