Hanging out in my super clean 2014 Jeep Compass waiting for Lyft or Uber to set me up with a passenger.

Toward the end of my 200 mile day yesterday I gave Kara a drive to her job at Walmart. She was only working a three or four hour shift. I can tell Kara takes pride in her job because she’s in uniform and likes to get there early.

This is our third ride together. Kara has been relatively quite on previous trips, but we managed to finally break the ice. I said, “It must be frustrating to get bombarded by customers as soon as you walk in.” Last trip, I'd noticed she was stopped as soon as the door slid open entering Walmart. She explained how the customer was complaining he’d lost a dollar in the machine. She further told me she handed a buck to the young man without hesitation. He walked away without a hint of gratitude.

This story isn’t about manners or ungrateful customers. This is a story about Kara and her character. She could have easily told the guy she wasn’t on the clock, sent him to a department halfway across the store, or simply ignored him. Kara lost a dollar before she ever clocked in to work. Her gift, however, is worth more than anything Walmart could ever pay her. This simple act of kindness is a testimony to humanity. No one can put a price on that. Kara will make a great leader one day... Lucky Walmart.

It is my hope this short but true story will remind us all of the importance of kindness. Give those hard working retail and restaurant employees a break. Maybe they all aren’t as kind as Kara, but they all deserve to be treated like human beings. The same way we all expect to get our dollar back from a broken machine or a new salad because we got the wrong dressing.


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