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I have always been drawn to the art of taking someone’s life. There are so many ways one can do it, just as there are options on a restaurant menu. You are hungry for pizza? I’m hungry for the kill. One day, a man who calls himself Mr. Dickens found me, knowing the things I was hungry for, and hired me to kill a terrible man who should have never been born in the first place. I work for him now, doing the same thing’s I’ve always done, just for money and a place to lay my head and a dark web platform to perform on. I don’t ask questions. I don’t fail. I just kill. If I don’t, he promises the entirety of the dark web will witness my execution. This may seem like a little much to you, that someone like me would actually exist, but that’s just how I do business.

It Takes A Team To Raise A Serial Killer



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1. Cat guy all the way.

2. I love a good jump scare.

3. Netflix & chill. Except I really mean watching Netflix and chilling.

4. I'd be able to shrink things with my super eyeballs and then be able to enlarge when needed. I hate taking out the garbage so I'd just keep shrinking it.

5. Freakin Cherry Coke. It'll be the death of me unless No Name gets me first.

6. We don't speak as much as we should. Does Facebook count? Thanks to social media I at least know my best friend from high school is still alive.



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1. Snakes I'm sure you forgot to mention them


2. I love nothing more than a funny horror romance. It's great when the killer finds true love. Ahhh.


3. Working out , and hiking. Gotta be strong to carry the bodies, I mean take friends to new unexplored areas......


4. Vampire.... Agelessness, strength, morphing powers, easy diet plan.


5. Dont have one..... Hippies?


6. No . Didn't have one.


7. What do you mean if ? Rope.



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Silent artist type

1. Cats or dogs? This is probably the most complicated question here. I love our cats, but I firmly believe that, in most cases, dogs are better companions. If I had a dog in my life I’d say dogs but I still really love cats.

2. Comedy, romance, thriller, or horror? Thriller all day every day, with a little horror, sprinkled in.


3.Favorite free time activity? When I’m not writing, editing, or boxing, which are all essentials for me, I really love to just sit in my rocking chair and listen to music. It’s how I get my inspiration, it’s when the characters speak to me the most. I’ve been doing this since I was a kid with a portable CD player!


4. If you could have a superpower, what would it be? Mind control? I’d force everyone to have good vibes and force every storyteller to redeem the villain.


5. Best junk food? I freaking love pizza bro.


6. Still, talk to your best friend from high school? I had about 5 really good friends I hung out with regularly and I still talk to all of them. I have one that I talk with every day.