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The Art Of Karen Lee Orozco

“Art is what I love, and what I do. To say that I’m simply a painter, a drawer, or a photographer 

    is to leave out the most important element of my being; an artist.”-- Karen Lee Orozco

Karen Lee Orozco
Deafeted, Karen Lee Orozco

Karen Lee Orozco is an airbrush artists whose paintings are a mixture of her favorite forms, which include Pop and Illustration Art.  She was first introduced to airbrush in her high school Studio Art class while attending Balboa High School, Canal Zone.  She is currently pursuing her 

Bachelors of Fine Arts degree at Austin Peay State University. 


    Most of her paintings give the viewer a glimpse into her culture, the Hispanic/American culture and the social/environmental issues she wants to bring to light.  Some include her personality in satire form.  She finds that satire art makes it easier for her to bring attention to issues that need to be addressed.   Some of her paintings are titled in Spanish (her first language) and include memories from her past in conjunction with cultural elements.  She feels that airbrush can be more than something appreciated on posters, cars, guitars, and motorcycles; it can be furthered into a new form of fine art. 


    Karen is an accomplished artist in other realms as well.  One of her  other favorite 

mediums is photography.  She’s the owner of KO Photography in Clarksville, TN where she freelances for statewide professional boxing matches.  She’s worked with film, digital, and historical processes like, cyanotype and tintypes. Most of her artistic photographs include, street photography, portraiture, and dreamscapes. Karen has also freelanced documentary, weddings, and conferences;  many of  her photographs have been used in online advertising and news publications for the organizations and/or athletes she’s worked with. 

See more of Karen's work on her website. Follow her Instagram & Facebook.

BloodDiamondsSale, Karen Lee Orozco
Karen Lee Orozco inkPortrait.jpg

The Art Of Amanda Dudley

Amanda Dudley

My name is Amanda Dudley, I am native to Clarksville, TN. I am currently enrolled at Austin Peay State University, entering my senior year studying studio arts. Outside of school I take on my own practices, focusing on drawings with charcoal as my main medium, but I also use acrylics and media. I am a mother first, a student second, and always thinking creatively.

Amanda Dudley
Amanda Dudley

See more of Amanda's work on her website. Follow her Instagram & Facebook.

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Amanda Dudley

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